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Do Men or Women Need More Sleep?

August 10, 2010: 11 comment(s)

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08/13/10 11:14
Typo in the last paragraph ("if your are")

Dan Tatem

01/24/11 07:44
Interseting article. My wife will like to hear that "the doctor told her to sleep more".

D Fuller

03/01/11 02:00
Funny how the conclusions of the study are interpreted both ways, 1) study indicates women need adequate sleep; and 2)BTW-Never mind the study results, men need adequate sleep as well, we just need another grant and more study(s) to prove it...


05/27/11 11:58
How can the answer be true if "Men on the other hand, showed no difference in hypertension rates regardless if they slept less than 5 hours or more than 7 hours." If the question was "According to this article, a lack of sleep can contribute to hipertension", then I would agree.


07/05/11 12:51
You guys might be up on wellness but you really should have someone on staff to proof read this stuff. Last question. Hipertension????

David Morris

07/14/11 11:17
I read this article and took the test @ 2:00 am..........failed


08/16/11 10:43
The answer to the quiz is false as the word "hipertension" is not "hypertension" therefore the answer is false.

I HAVE to know this guy!

09/29/11 02:30
No matter what the results, I see the progressing trend of people is that we do not get as much sleep as generations before us, nor as much as we should get.


06/26/12 12:57
good article


09/06/12 05:10
nice to know. thanks
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