Stay Motivated with the KAM System.

The KAM Keeps Track of Your Daily Activity Level.

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KAM System Overview

What is the KAM System?



 Activity Management System consists of two components: The KAM (Kinetic Activity Monitor) and the MYKAMUNITY website. This system is proven to increase motivation and physical activity.

How Does the KAM Device Work?

The KAM is a small, durable device that uses integrated,state-of-the-art accelerometer technology to measure human activity. Employees simply clip the KAM to their waist and accelerate to a more active lifestyle.


Connect the KAM to a computer or Health Station to upload a member’s activity information to their personal MYKAMUNITY website. The site allows KAM users from all over the world to track progress and motivate one another as individuals and groups.

KAM points acquired from wearing the KAM are used to compete in virtual online races with other MyKAMunity members. Users can also send messages, create groups, check stats and graphs and much more.

View Screen Shots:

Kinetic Activity Monitor (KAM) Video

Want to learn more about the KAM device? Watch the video below by clicking the play button or go to and watching the video on You Tube.

Member Access

Members can also access their corporate health program by logging on directly to the MYKAMUNITY website by going to and clicking “Log in”.

Home Page

The first page that will load when members dock their KAM on a computer or Health Station is the home page for the MYKAMUNITY website. Here on the home page, members can quickly view how many mail messages, friend invites, group invites, and game invites they have. They can also find out who the monthly leader is and who yesterday’s top 10 KAMERS were.


Clicking on the “Groups” link located on the left hand side of the top navigation bar will bring up the “Global Groups” page. Here, members can search and create groups. Members can also send messages to group members.


Clicking on the “Games” button on the top navigation bar will take members to the Global Games page. There are currently 3 types of games available: King of the Hill, Tug ‘o War, and Race. Using the “Global Games” page, members can learn about the different game types, search, create, and interact with other KAM gamers.

Searching for Games

The “Search” tab of the “Global Games” section is where members can view all of the current games that are taking place on the MYKAMUNITY website. Clicking on the name of a certain game will launch the game and allow members to view or join the game.